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Free Yeti, Smoker, Concert Tickets, and More!

Announcing  our  Summer  Social  Campaign,  "The  Adventures  of  my  Hertrich  Car!"
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Our  cars  take  us  on  countless  adventures.   From  off-roading to  road  trips  to  days  spent  with  family  and  friends,  they  take  us  anywhere  and  everywhere  we  want  to  go.   We  love  them.  We  rely  on  them.   We  are  proud  of  them.   We  have  fun  with  them,  and  we  want  to  know,  where does  your  car  takes  you?  
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Join us at one of our upcoming events!

Autism Delaware Lewes Walk
April 14, 2018
Cape Henlopen State Park
9am-1pm with the walk starting at 11 am

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This walk takes place every year during the month of April which is Autism Awareness month in order to raise both awareness and funds for the organization.  We have been proud partners with Autism for Delaware and would love everyone to join us in walking for this great cause.  Please find a link below to join our team.

Light it Up


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Amazon, Costco and Chick Fil A

If you have heard one of our commercials recently, you may have found yourself dancing along to a brand new jingle.  Upbeat, full of spunk and impossible to not hum along with, this new tune features more than just a catchphrase or a new tagline. In it you will find our promise to you, “Hertrich has the most so you get more.” 
Now you are probably wondering, what does that mean and how does it benefit me? Think of us as a combination of Amazon, Costco and Chick Fil A. 
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When you shop at Amazon, you have unlimited options that…
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A Green Celebration on Delmarva

It is almost that time on Delmarva where everything will turn green- and we don’t mean Spring!  This Saturday is St. Patricks Day and you don’t have to plan a long road trip to be able to celebrate with the entire family.  You can join the Celtic tradition right here on Delmarva with these events.
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Why Genuine Parts are More Dependable

If you go online, you can find many car parts for attractive prices that will fit your vehicle. That seems alright, so why should you go with genuine parts instead? So they’re more ‘dependable’, but what’s the difference and why does genuine give you an advantage? What makes them worth the money?
The Difference
Genuine parts are what were originally used to build your vehicle. Non-genuine parts often made by a third-party vendor. They may look genuine, but they’re not under any approved standard. Non-genuine parts run the risk of being counterfeit or salvaged.  
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Why Choose Genuine…
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Tips for Finding a Car You’ll Love

We’re all looking for that special something in our lives—sometimes that something is a new ride. With Valentine’s day tomorrow, here are some tips to find a car you can really fall in love with—just try not to flaunt it in front of your date.
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What Type of Car Do You Want?
Everyone has a type. Decide what kind of car would best suit your lifestyle and needs. Sure, the sports car might be the sleekest one on the lot—but if you have a family of four then... 
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Vital Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Cars are delicate—no really. They’re big machines that get cranky and start to make strange noises when their oil doesn’t get changed. But what maintenance procedures are the most critical to keep your vehicle happy? Here are some things that might help you realize why getting your car regularly serviced is so vital. 
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Getting the Oil Changed
Yes, it’s actually important. There are...
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Family Fun Day with One Tank

Are you needing a road trip, but do not want to use gas? Look no further than Killens Pond in Felton, DE! From our Milford dealership, the Delaware State Park is a mere 16 minutes away and a total trip of 18.4 miles—a gas efficient getaway!  The park has several family oriented activities and overnight options to fit your time schedule and interests. 


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