Family Fun Day with One Tank

Are you needing a road trip, but do not want to use gas? Look no further than Killens Pond in Felton, DE! From our Milford dealership, the Delaware State Park is a mere 16 minutes away and a total trip of 18.4 miles—a gas efficient getaway!  The park has several family oriented activities and overnight options to fit your time schedule and interests. 

Killens Waterpark 

Killens Pond recently upgraded their waterslides to boast 4 slides and various interactive features within the pool. The Park also possesses a beach court for the volleyball lovers. There is a special fenced in area for smaller children to still enjoy all of the aquatic activities. 

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There is a variety of trails to walk or bike at different lengths and levels.

Bike Trail- This trail is for hiking and biking. It is 2 miles in length, and is rated easy for difficulty.

Pondside Trail- This is a hiking trail coming in at 2-6 mile loop. This trail is a Delaware State Park Trail Challenge. The difficulty level is easy to moderate.

Cross Country Trail- This trail is for hiking. It is 3.1 miles and easy difficulty.

 Life Course Trail- This trail is for hiking, and is 0.8 miles. It is an easy difficulty and provides 20 stations along the trail for the workout enthusiast.


 While on any of the trails, you can use the Geocaching app to find secret treasures throughout the area.


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Pond Activities 

Killens Pond provides a variety of aquatic activities including canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, and fishing. Renting equipment is available hourly. 

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Killens Pond Nature Center 

The Nature Center houses several activities and animals to view. You will find snakes, turtles, and other species that are relevant to the area. Kids activities are available to learn about the outdoors. Visit the center to unwind or store newfound knowledge! 

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You can find more information about Killens Pond at . Look around your community for those one tank trips to keep your gas tank and adventure full!





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