How To Keep Your Tires Healthy

Tires take quite the beating over the course of their lives. From quick jaunts to the super market to lengthy summer road trips—our tires carry us anywhere we want to go, so it’s our responsibility to ensure they have a long and comfortable life before retirement (pun intended). We consulted Chris, one of our service experts, who helped us identify four things you should routinely check in order to keep your tires rolling.

Rotate Your Tires

This may seem like a no-brainer, but tires should be rotated regularly to increase lifespan. The weight on the front and rear axles of a car differ causing uneven wear and tear to develop. Rotating your tires helps them wear evenly on each side and guarantees a longer life. The length of time in between rotations differs for every vehicle, but it should be done about every six months.


Check Your Air Pressure

Checking your air pressure regularly (this means before that little light appears on your dashboard) can help optimize tire performance and durability. In addition, monitoring air pressure increases fuel efficiency in your vehicle.  Think of a bicycle.  Trying to pedal on a flat tire requires you to exert a lot more energy, and it is just plain hard to do.  Your car is no different. Uneven tire pressure causes a strain which costs you more money in the long run.



Tire Alignment

Improper tire alignment can do more than angle your car just slightly right. Cupping can occur, which is a form of warping that causes the tire to make a persistent whooping noise while driving. This is as annoying as it is destabilizing to the vehicle. Ensuring your tires are properly aligned at your next service appointment ensures even wear and prevents tire warping. 


Suspension Components

A vehicle’s suspension components keep the ride smooth on all of your travels, maintaining contact between your tires and the road for better control and road shock absorption. Poor suspension causes your car to bounce, grating your tires down whilst sending your well-secured travel mug into your passenger seat.



Our vehicle’s tires help us get us from place to place smoothly and efficiently, so it’s only logical we make their life as comfortable as possible. Pay close attention to these four components and you’ll get more out of your tires, one mile at a time.



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