If you have heard one of our commercials recently, you may have found yourself dancing along to a brand new jingle.  Upbeat, full of spunk and impossible to not hum along with, this new tune features more than just a catchphrase or a new tagline. In it you will find our promise to you, “Hertrich has the most so you get more.” 
Now you are probably wondering, what does that mean and how does it benefit me? Think of us as a combination of Amazon, Costco and Chick Fil A. 
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When you shop at Amazon, you have unlimited options that are delivered to you quickly and easily.  You can order a new phone, groceries, a saw and a toy for your dog all at the same time, and, they will most likely be on your front porch in two days.  Our mission is to always have the most brands and the most inventory so whether you want a Hyundai Kona, a Ford 350 Super duty, a Chevy Camaro, a fleet vehicle or anything in between, you can find it quickly at a location near you.  Even if it isn’t at your closest store, we have the ability to have it there in less than 2 days from one of our other 16 locations.
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When you buy at Costco, you get more for less because you buy in bulk.  In the automotive industry, it works in a similar fashion.  Because of our size, we have more buying power. This allows us to help you get better prices and more financing and gets you an overall better deal!
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Known for their impeccable customer service, ongoing employee training and the most genuinely happy people working for one place, at Chick Fil A, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a much more pleasant experience than you would at another fast food restaurant.  Everyone there is smiling, helpful and tries to serve you as quickly as possible consistently, no matter where in the country you are. We may not serve a delicious chicken sandwich, but our principles of customer service are the same.  No matter which of our dealerships you visit or which department you are in, you can expect happy people willing to do their best to help with whatever you need.  Not only that but you will find they are highly skilled and knowledgeable about their craft and the product. After all, they go through extensive ongoing training to be that way. 
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Amazon, Costco and Chick Fil A are all world class in their field.  It is our mission to be world class in ours.  That is why we hold ourselves to the standard of having the most, so we can always give you more!  
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