In honor of Delaware Hire a Veteran Month, the Hertrich Family of Dealerships would like to introduce Jorge Perez of Harrington, DE. One of our most recent Military Heroes to come on board, he started at Hertrich Ford Lincoln in March of 2019 as an advisor in their world class Parts Department.
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Jorge, his parents and little sister Nadia relocated to Delaware for better opportunities a little over 14 years ago from Far Rockaway, NY a New York City borough of Queens. Jorge was only 7. Being raised in a family that was always driven to succeed, he made the decision to “do something bigger than myself” and enlisted in the Army Reserves while he was still in high school at the age of 17. He chose his Military Operational Specialty to center around Mortuary Affairs because he felt drawn to the importance of “honoring those that have fallen. For them and their families, it is the least that we can do.”

Jorge is currently ranked as an E4 with the local Army Reserves Unit in Dover, Delaware. They are hot on his heels to become a Sergeant but according to Jorge, “There is a lot of training that comes with the promotion, and I want to get well established in my job with the Hertrich Family first.” It’s obvious that dedication and team mindset are something that run strong in this young man and his sibling as well. Jorge says he is very proud of his sister Nadia who at 17 as well, had just enlisted with the Army reserve while still in High School. She will take part in the Split Option program during the summer of senior year to enter basic combat training but return to her senior year of high school. She will continue their monthly weekend drills until finishing high school, then begin her advanced individual training in the MOS they contracted for, much like her brother did before her.

Jorge joined the Reserves as a way to be a part of something bigger than himself and his advice to anyone thinking of joining the Reserves is “Just do it.”
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Thank you for your dedication and courage Corporal Perez. We appreciate what you do both in the Reserves and as a member of our Hertrich Family.
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