Hyundai: The Elevator 

In this commercial, Hyundai focuses on the customer experience and Hyundai Shopper Assurance using the analogy of an elevator. 
Toyota Supra: Wizard 
Sharp images and a need for speed, this commercial looks like something straight out of a racing video game and highlights the return of the Toyota Supra.  
Kia Telluride: “Give It Everything” and “What If” 
This year, Kia took the small but mighty approach. This commercial’s voiceover is from the perspective of a kid from a small town and adds a dose of inspiration to great shots of the Kia Telluride.   
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Toni 
This Toyota commercial tells the story of Toni Harris, one of the first females to receive a football scholarship and whose goal is to be the first female in the NFL.  The commercial highlights her ability to shatter assumptions and insinuates that the new 2019 Toyota RAV4 redesign will too. 
Dodge: Devil Went Down to Georgia 
Fast paced and sporty, enjoy action shots of these cars burning rubber.  
Jeep: Crusher 
A highlight to strength, durability and overcoming the test of time, this Jeep commercial is a nod to the return of the Gladiator. 
Jeep: More than just words 
A lyrical visualization of our National Anthem creates a sense of pride and aims to show the lifestyle associated with the Jeep woven in the culture of our nation. Watch carefully, because the timeless tradition of the “Jeep Wave” made the cut! 
Ram: “Can’t Remember,” “Rolls Rams Roll,”  and “4th Quarter Fight” 
Do you remember that Super Bowl commercial that…? Two cowboys talk about past Super Bowl commercials, all while loading a trailer pulled by, you guessed it, a RAM truck.  
Forget horse power. Let’s talk about RAM power.  
A nod to the “4th quarter fight” in all of us and how RAM helps us get there. 
It isn’t a car commercial exactly, but the feature of some of the most famous vehicles in movie history deserves a quick nod.  
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